Consultation Policy

The Law Office of Melissa Harms (LMH) provides consultations to individuals and organizations seeking a comprehensive evaluation of the factual circumstances and an appropriate case strategy taking into account current immigration laws, regulations, and length of case processing. During the consultation, LMH provides the approximate costs and timing estimates of each suggested approach as well as a legal recommendation so the attendee can make a fully informed decision about the case. Consultations may be provided in-person or telephonically. To schedule a consultation with the Law Office of Melissa Harms, please contact:

info @

Via phone


An appropriate fee is assessed for each one-hour consultation. Prior to the consultation, LMH will furnish the attendee with a consultation questionnaire which must be completed online or faxed to LMH prior to the consultation. Additionally, attendees should present any and all immigration documents including those received from the Immigration Service, Department of Labor, Department of State or Immigration Court at the time of the consultation. In the case of a telephonic consultation, the attendee should fax or e-mail these documents to LMH before the consultation.

The standard consultation fee is applied to the legal fees quoted if LMH is retained within 30 days of the consultation. LMH charges for most immigration matters on a flat fee basis. Occasionally, additional research outside the scope of the consultation may be necessary to recommend a course of action. LMH will quote an appropriate fee for any such research during the consultation.