Critical Resources for Employers in Form I-9 and Employer Compliance

At a recent presentation before the California Employment Development Department’s Employers Advisory Council, I was asked for online resources for worksite enforcement.  Below are some of the more useful resources:

The Government Form M-274.  This handbook for employers in completing the Form I-9 has photos of some of the common forms of documentation presented by employees during Form I-9 completion.  Remember: don’t overly critique documents that appear genuine, but the employer does have an obligation to recognize the commonly presented forms of identity and work authorization documents.

The E-Verify Handbook.  E-Verify is coming!  As of September 2009, federal contractors are required to use E-Verify (with certain exceptions).  Many states are also mandating its usage.  This handbook answers common questions regarding E-Verify for employers.

Form I-9.  The Form I-9 was recently updated.  It’s a good idea to check to ensure that you are using the most current Form I-9.

Social Security Number Verification Service handbook.  Employers can register to check multiple social security numbers for their employees.

LMH Advisory for Choosing an Electronic I-9 Provider.  This advisory provides advice for employers considering electronic storage of Forms I-9.

More to come…